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One Voice for Europe
Throughout Europe the Ayurvedic Community is faced with restrictions and regulations from national governments and the European Parliament. As a result, immediate action for self regulation is needed to meet the growing challenges with regard to safety, efficacy and quality of European Ayurveda. In light of these problems the European Ayurveda Association EUAA has recently emerged as an umbrella organisation protecting the diverse interests of the Traditional Indian Medical System in Europe.
The pioneers of this organisation, a group from seven European countries, agreed to take action when meeting in Pune, India, for the first Ayurveda World Congress in November 2006. It was clear, that tangible support for Ayurveda from India could not be expected in due time.
Furthermore, delegations from numerous European countries representing organisations, schools and interest groups within the Ayurvedic community met in Vienna from 21st to 22nd June 2008. They were following an invitation by the EUAA to coordinate and discuss due actions. Some of the main objectives agreed upon were increased patient safety, standardisation, purity and safety of herbal medications as well as high and coordinated standards of education.
In order to support access to and understanding of Ayurveda as a complex, efficient and valuable Traditional Medical System, it was agreed that a two year program should be implemented to improve the situation in Europe. Progress is to be made on issues such as promotion of scientific research, certification and standardization of education, products, and clinics, purity and safety of medication and vital exchange among members within the European community.
Ayurveda organisations, -schools, and -groups in Europe are invited to help reaching the aims and objectives of the EUAA by joining the association as a member or sponsor. More information at or phone 0049 (0) 2652.5277.56.
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